"tri-" a combining form meaning “three,” used in the formation of compound words: triacid; triatomic; triwave.

Although there are several dubious electronic device manufacturers that try ("tri") to emulate the Wave Resonator, there is only one Wave Resonator  brand of electro-magnetic frequency generators. That is Rife Health.

The Wave III is the upgrade of the world’s favourite Rife type resonator, the "Wave Resonator". The Mark III has 1 455 pre-programmed treatments (That can be added to or even be removed) as well as the separate complete square wave pathogen list. 

To see just how many ailments and diseases the Wave III can treat CLICK HERE.

One can also connect it to the computer and add one's own treatments OR one can add it directly on the unit via a keyboard. It has similar operating procedures to that of a cell phone. 

This instrument has also a repeat function so that one can keep repeating the same treatment. This is especially suited for use with the frequency mat (An accessory). There are also 20 groups of treatments that can be selected. It has rechargeable batteries but it can also operate directly from mains power. 

Its main feature is its simplicity to use. A pluspoint is the large lettering on the screen to make content easy to read.

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